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Orlando Scene TV is in Motion

Mon, 02/19/2007 - 10:44 -- rprice

Last night, Becky, Mark, John, Stefan and Erin all arrived at Alex and Kathryn's apartment for the first production meeting of Orlando Scene TV. I chose that apartment because they have a breathtaking view of the Orlando skyline and a decent sized balcony with sliding doors that really open up the space. Despite the fact that it was probably 45 degrees out there, it was a wonderful clear night.

Backy, John and Mark (Michelle couldn't make it) are three people I have tapped to be hosts of the show, and we are looking to accept submissions from any interested parties out there with informational and entertaining content. The idea behind the show is to introduce people to Orlando from an insider's perspective. All of the people involved have 2 interests in common: 1) finding the less obvious things in Orlando (I can think of about a dozen "obvious" things, and most of them include the words "world", "park" or "center") and 2) creating good media, in this case, video.

True to form, Mark Baratelli got home and blogged about it:

My next video project
You know I love putting myself on video, online. Pretty soon, someone else will be doing it for me. The tall Ryan Price has put me in his new Orlando-themed Rocketboom-ish but more-interview, less-scripted show "Orlando Scene." There's nothing to show you yet. We had our first meeting with him, two of the other hosts, and his brother, the cameraman tonight at the apartment of the owner of a new Orlando start-up, emurse, a resume site. (I know, I already signed up) We filmed brief intros. I loved it #1 because I got to wear my favorite coat and #2 because it was so much fun. I like hosting and talking to cameras. i don't know why. I am so damn shy most of the time. My first assignment is to record a phone interview with the founders of a new art gallery downtown. I couldn't attend the opening (it was last weekend and I had SAK shows) so he actually went through with my idea of getting some footage there without me, then having me record the interview later on Skype. Again, it's cool when people use your ideas.

I like using Mark's ideas. I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by such talented and enthusiastic people. This thing really feels like it's in motion, and I can't wait until the rubber hits the road, so to speak.


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