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Mr. A for Effort 2/2

Thu, 02/01/2007 - 19:30 -- rprice

Sorry John Theisen for forgetting your name, you're welcome Brian Feldman for remembering your name, thank you 1R OMA for being a fun and cheap way to experience art, thank you Chris for the CommuniTEA and the HUMMUS!, thank you roomies for being artsy fartsy and attending events so I don't go places by myself, thank you Damien for working so hard, thank you Charlie for my Skype phone number, thank you Kait for being the best ever, and congrats on the new apartment girls!

Florida Creatives 2/07 is only 9 days away! Check Upcoming for details.


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Thanks Ryan, for checking out 1st Thursdays (1R OMA) and for giving a report on what was exhibited. I enjoyed that, since I obviously (unfortunately) didn't have a chance to actually enjoy the other work on display.

In response to the DBC logo, I honestly could not have done that without the expressed unknowing support of Seattle-based Heckler Associates, who I have no affiliation with and which was the agency behind the ubiquitous Starbucks® logo. That, and Wikipedia.

Oh and hey, 6g of fat ain't bad... especially when compared to all the other organic, no added sugar, 90% raw, non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan, kosher brands on the market! (By the way, those were only sample bars.) For complete Larabar Jocalat Nutrition Facts, visit

Anyway, next month's 1R OMA has the potential to be even zanier*, should my submissions be accepted. The theme is "Let's Dance." I'll keep you posted.

¡Viva la FilmSlam! (John Thiesen.)

*and by that I mean cost prohibitive

Submitted by Kait (not verified) on

awwww- ditto! you're the best and I'm sorry I live in England and that Skype sometimes sucks. I'm sure you could get internet set up right away, but I'm technically challenged and am even scared to start the process until I have more info! love you!