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WTF Maxcast?

Wed, 01/17/2007 - 06:54 -- rprice

Somebody was surfing the boards and user profiles over at looking for go-getters to invite to a seminar about 'monopoly' this weekend in Orlando. The link in my email pointed to a page on

Here's the deal: in order to use this revolutionary industry-changing service you have to install a plugin... WRONG! Seriously, the second I see plugin, you had better have "Britney's Hoo-Ha" (to quote Alex Rudloff) on the other end if I am going to install something. Plugins slow down my browser, I don't like too many. USE FLASH PLAYER like everyone else.

You can't even watch the demo without installing the plugin! No flash, no quicktime, no WMV, not even RealPlayer! Even crappy realplayer would be better than a proprietary maxcast player.

Here's a reason to like HelloWorld, a service my friend Jason is selling. It works with your existing hardware and software. I haven't used it, but sometime soon I will be posting a Scoble-style video I recorded with Jason demonstrating the service. This is going on Charlie and Ryan's someday-to-be-announced Inside Orlando video show. The show definitely has a Scoble feel to it, but instead of Silicon Valley, we are going all Central Florida and CFL expats (some people started out here but moved on).

Is that officially too many shows? Maybe. Charlie was also telling me about possibly doing a real estate show with Bill Ferrante from Florida Creatives... I bet John Rife would be on top of that too. Ah well, you all probably stopped reading this post long ago.

I didn't install that plugin, and I never plan to either.


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Welcome to the 21st century Ryan. You are going to have to get used to the fact that your computer needs to be updated in order to keep up with changing technology. Do you remember when Flash came out? You had to download and install a plug-in for that too. Contrary to your belief, plug-ins do not slow down your browser, those pictures of things like "Britney's Hoo-Ha," as you so eloquently put it, do. Just keep your computer clean and up to date and you will be fine.
Your solution of "use flash player like everyone else" is misguided at best. MaxCast is not another YouTube site exploiting outdated technology like everyone else. MaxCast is the new technology which everyone, including YouTube, will be using in the future.
Do yourself a favor Ryan. If you are going to attempt to intelligently criticize anything, do a little research first. Educate yourself on what you are trying to talk about. Also, get to know something about computer software and technology before you talk about it. Remember to do these things and you might get some people interested in what you have to say.

Submitted by Curtis Lowe (not verified) on

MaxCast distribution is built on the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Like Vitamins, cleaning products, cosmetics etc etc philosophy. You signup by being contacted by one of your associates, sign up under him etc etc. If you canotact the company directly, apparently you cannot signup. So, everyone that recommends it is getting residuals levels deep. This could be the downfall even before the plugin. :(

Submitted by Tim Pollard (not verified) on

Hi i think if you attempted to access the site you will see that they have removed the need for any plug ins and it is a truly amazing piece of technology that will become quite popular for many web users

Submitted by Charles Farley (not verified) on

Sorry but that is wrong. You do need to install a plugin. A Java plugin at that. The message you get is. Do you want to install this plugin and give it COMPLETE access to your computer? Wow talk about let's scare gandma while getting her to watch our videos.

Flash 8 uses a codec called On2 that is now able to offer HDI quality video full screen. If you plug that into a media server it will run without buffering during runtime on a DSL connection. FF and RW included. :)

Ryan Have you tried using it ? for real? OK I guess you did not. but I would ( I am a distributor) recommend that you take one of your old home movies and get r done! Share it with the not so techie and techie friends and family Then have an inteligent dialog.

Curtis Where else can you expect to make the money that you deserve without appling the principles that Andrew Carnegie himself used? You are paid on results ! On a group effort ! You can use this service and NOT be an associate ! I personal don't understand why you would not pay 10 cent prints and have some one else give you the ability to Preserve Organize Save and Enjoy both your Prints and Videos or just email me NYBaker @ Joe Walsh

Submitted by Debra E. (not verified) on

it's the same plugin used to see Oprah webcasts.