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Making Fiends picked up by Nickelodeon

Mon, 01/15/2007 - 17:44 -- rprice

From Boing Boing:

Making Fiends is Amy Winfrey's hilarious and grim web-toon, which has just been picked up by Nickelodeon for TV. The premise is simple: Charlotte is a polyanna schoolgirl, while Vendetta is her savage mad scientist classmate who terrorizes the school by "making fiends" -- producing huge, terrible monsters. Charlotte makes friends, Vendetta makes fiends. It's great emo-toonery, a la Lenore, with a fantastic, dark visual style.
(Thanks, Martin!)

Hooray Amy Winfrey! She started out as an art school grad student with a penchant for muffins. Now, the sky's the limit. I think this may be the start of the next generation of mainstream kid's entertainment -- Flash cartoons, cheaply produced (web quality) but still entertaining and of high quality on the content end. I wonder if they'll change anything at all... Making Fiends is one of the best web shows around.


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Submitted by Harper (not verified) on

i think making fiends is cute hilarious you just can’t take your eyes off it! I think big bunny was cute and he needs to be back. my fave character is Charlotte and my fav episode is the one with the screaming vegetables. You never really are sure of what your in for with Vendetta. i just watched the episode of how Charlotte was eaten by the cat and then the cat eats Vandetta. I love how the characters are paper with all the lines on it. Charlotte loves anything that comes her way and is polite cute funny! I really love making fiends and if you could keep all the new episodes coming it would be great! I am probably one of you biggest fans and every single little charcters on the episodes! I better go now see ya
P.S my name is Harper
From Harper