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Blogging Fringe Blogtracker via Megite

Sat, 01/06/2007 - 12:15 -- rprice

See the blogtracker at

When I started Blogging Fringe I always thought people would get so excited by it they would want to contribute to the site. Well, everyone already has their own blogs, so I've come up with a better solution. Right now I have to manually add new feeds to an OPML file in order to include them in the algorithm's tracking, but I don't think it will be prohibitive. It is pretty nice to have that file where I can edit or back up my work as long as I have FTP.

I decided to call it "blogtracker" instead of memetracker, because I doubt the Fringe audience understands what a meme is any better than I do. (meaning I only have a vague idea)

I also added a video page with a few playlists hanging out (just like the Muppets one I posted yesterday), a contact form, and a page listing all of the shows for this year that will eventually be a rich metadata list with Microformats and everything.


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