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Sun, 11/19/2006 - 20:07 -- rprice

That's right kids, it's that time of year, November 20th. Time to update your MySpace identity. This isn't your little brother's profile, no no.

Really it is just about informing people who only know me through MySpace-colored glasses about the stuff I do and trying to give them a visual roadmap (is that an oxymoron? visual roadmap? and did I just coin a term in MySpace-colored glasses?).

The new profile now has a screenshot of the header of 5 websites I contribute to, or created, or something. Now that I am here writing this blog I think a link to my Emurse resume wouldn't hurt.

If MySpace would include fields like that, for example the web address of the business you work for or your resume, it would be easier for people to use it as a networking site (like many professionals I know do). Obviously, people can do like I did and just make a link themselves, but they're not all Ryan Price.

I think this is a pretty shameless page. I just step right up and say "I want you to look at this stuff". I would love to hear comments from the peanut gallery. Any suggestions?


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