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I made it to the Flock Blog

Thu, 11/02/2006 - 21:49 -- rprice

See for yourself:
Adding Visuals to Your Blog with Flock, Flickr and WordPress Screencast

I also hope Will doesn't mind my saying that he's going to send me a Flock t-shirt for my trouble.

Will Pate is a Flock Community Outreach guy, and I think he found me via the arcane art of Flickr tag search. He appears to be in charge of some sort of Flock Meetups as well. So Will, when are you coming to the Sunshine State? Blog Orlando would have been a great time, and Refresh Orlando '06 is right around the corner.

I also got picked up today by Switchblog, which appears to be a Mac software link blog. I already learned something cool there, too. Someone made a Mac-friendly verson of OpenOffice. I wonder if you still need X11... No time to look now. I have got to get some sleep so I can make it back to Orlando Puppet Festival tomorrow. I still have 2 reviews to write for Blogging Fringe.


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