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Finally Using My French Press for Coffee

Tue, 10/24/2006 - 20:17 -- rprice

Really, this blog post is an experiment to see how many Gevalia Coffee ads I pull and how much comment spam I get by tomorrow, but just for fun:
French Presses
Wikipedia answers the age-old question: What is a French Press?

I used my French Press (Webster Flea Market, $4) for the first time today and I must say I am pleased. Now I have one method of obtaining hot water for all my beverages, and that's the tea pot. Instead of having to load grounds in the Mr. Coffee, measure out the water, wash the carafe, load the beans in the filter, pour the water, all that junk, I just have one vessel for my coffee, and one way to heat it. My roommate has been talking about getting a single-cup or pod coffee maker like a Senseo, but I remembered my French Press and I must say I like it. Now I'm not wasting money on a fancy machine.

If you are in town, come over and I'll make you a cup. Decaf or regular? I even have hazelnut CoffeeMate in the fridge.


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