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July 2006 Posts

New Podcast

Fri, 07/28/2006 - 12:29 -- rprice

It's called Liberatr::Art::meta(), and I chose that name because it builds on my brand, it attracts the geeks, but it contains the word Art. I am hoping I am covering all my bases here.

There are two shows, one covering Refresh Orlando, and another for DIH Magazine. I originally recorded one with Jake, but the audio quality was not good, and the discussion was a little slow.

As Phil Palmeri said "Kaite Couric you are not!" It's OK though. Nobody else in town has this game. That means I am the default, and I will have my foot in the door when they decide to get off their butts.

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Online Contacts?

Fri, 07/28/2006 - 12:24 -- rprice

Ok, so my life is now online. All my email addresses have a webmail interface, even though I prefer to check them on my Thunderbird or Apple Mail. My bookmarks are exclusively on, my calendar is exclusively on 30boxes (because I heard they have a MySpace widget, and I doubt Google does), but what about my contacts? Which third party will bring my address book into the 24th1/2th century?

For some reason, the vCard export on Thunderbird is not turned on or something. I have read that it exists, and could be leveraged through an API of some kind, but I guess CSV works? What is LDIF? I know what it means, but why not use the danged industry standard? Where is the magic XML standard to tie calendars and contacts together? The XSPF of people? Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur just did an Inside the Net about calendar swamps.

Show me the magic.


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Netvibes adds Meebo and Alexa

Wed, 07/26/2006 - 09:28 -- rprice

They pretty much say it all here on their blog.

Netvibes is an AJAX dashboard and homepage, similar to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft's offerings, with a rich set of powerful modules. I like the organization of widgets into separate tabs (for the most part). It lets me keep all of my important feeds, email and a calendar on a frontmost widget, and lesser feeds and views elsewhere. I even have a whole tab of feeds so I can make sure they are all running smoothly.

Adding Meebo to your Netvibes is accomplished by adding an entire tab that the AJAX-based mult-platform IM client lives inside. There is support for AIM, YIM!, MSN Messenger (even though Y! and MSN work together now) and Jabber/GTalk out of the box. Since meebo lives inside a browser anyway, this is a great match.

Alexa is a well-known publicly available web ranking and traffic site with an API which allows for widgets like the one being supported by Netvibes. Alexa's data is not widely regarded as the most accurate, but the fact that it is free and public makes it some of the most referred to information on the web. The Netvibes tab allows you to track the traffic of up to 5 sites on a graph. This wil be great if I ever get a site listed there. Right now, I have my Feedburner stats in a widget to let me get a quick glance at how my feeds are doing today. I wonder if anyone makes a Mint widget...?


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This Friday - Birthday Party

Tue, 07/11/2006 - 14:55 -- rprice

Hey all,

If you read this, know that I am celebrating my birthday this Friday (it happens on Tues. the 18th).

I thought about it and I decided to go to Pleasure Island’s Irish pub. It does not cost any money at all to get in, but you must be 21. They have good food, a nice beer selection, and fantastic live music. This is one of my favorite activities in the world.

I think I would like to get down there around 8PM if I can work it out with a Designated Driver and all.

So the details are:

Raglan Road (the old PI Jazz Club)
Pleasure Island @ Downtown Disney
Friday, July 14th - 8:00PM or shortly thereafter
NO COVER, 21 and up only
All are welcome
We will likely be staying for several hours, feel free to show up at any time

If you need to get in touch with me, email, or call me if you have my number.


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Yeah Scoble!

Mon, 07/10/2006 - 19:51 -- rprice

Robert Scoble is a champion of blogging, podcasting, video and naked conversations. See what he had to say about corporate identity in his blog just now:

From Scobleizer on 07/11/2006:

Quick, do a little project with me. Visit the home pages of Nestle and Quixtar.

Without clicking anywhere find me a real human being. Not one made out of a stock photo agency.

You don’t need to look. There aren’t any. Not to mention that you can’t talk to a real human being. And I don’t see anything on those two pages that I’d like to link to. Which means they won’t get high search engine rankings no matter how many SEO firms they pay.

Exactly. Well put man. Props to John Furrier at Podtech for having the vision (and the resources) to snatch you up. You are a valuable asset, and you can really help him take his network to the next level.


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Like, the last two games

Thu, 07/06/2006 - 22:32 -- rprice


Originally uploaded by Thick Mints.

OK, now that the dust is beginning to settle on the madness of the past few week's events with the World Cup, who stands tall and proud, ready to snatch it all from the competing armies?

Why France and Italy of course! Germany and Portugal both put up good fights, and the US made it to the final 16 (not picutred), but was beat by Germany, who made it to the top 4. That is important.

Saturday morning, Germany and Portugal face off for bragging rights, and Sunday is the big day.

May I say Wikipedia rocks for having someone who made this snappy bracket graphic? I dig. Wikipedia Rocks. GO TEAM WIKI!!

UPDATE 07/09: Italy takes it home! Germany is 3rd! Headbutts all around.


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