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Kissimmee's Monument of States

Sat, 04/29/2006 - 12:49 -- rprice

Having grown up in Kissimmee, I am no stranger to its hostorical landmarks. In fact, I like to share the features of my hometown with friends and visitors. One such attractive structure is the Monument of States at the Kissimmee Lakefront Park. Featuring stones, artifacts and plaques from all 50 US States as well as several foreign countries.

For a bit of statewide or national recognition of the monument, you can also check out the monument and hundreds of other interesting Florida landmarks in Weird Florida, published by Barnes & Noble. 240 pages complete with full color photos, compiled by Charlie Carlson, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman, best-selling authors of Weird U.S.: Your Travel Guide to America's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets and a series of other state-centric travel guides. No matter where you live or where you visit, these guides will help you find the landmarks that are, well, weird.

If you are ever in Kissimmee, the Historic Downtown Districs is extremely charming, and a great place to shop for antiques and knick-knacks, get a bite to eat, and take a walk through a piece of Florida's history.

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Submitted by Shirley Shaffer (not verified) on

Great web site, I have a photo of this monument taken in the 50's, wanted to see what it looks like today. Thank you for sharing.