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InfoTalk Podcast is my #1

Sun, 09/18/2005 - 08:56 -- rprice

John Furrier of is a computer science guy from back in the 80's, and while he doesn't think of himself as special, he really is. His incredibly popular batch of InfoTalk Podcasts consists of short 15-minute segments, each one covering a different topic somehow related to current and future trends in the internet, or Web 2.0 as John calls it. Guests have included Adam Curry, one of the people known as 'Podfather', employees of Microsoft, WordPress developers, lawyers, marketers, computer scientists, you name it, he's got it.

While the show is very informative, the delivery can be confusint. He tries to break the segments up into more than 20 different 'shows', and segments within these shows have an insane amount of overlap. Subscribing to even two of the shows produces 10 or 15 duplicate downloads. My personal recomendation is the Silicon Valley Podcast.

Hard drive space aside, the guest speakers are great. John takes it much more like an interview with the guest as the star and himself as a humble facilitator. He obviously knows his stuff, and does great preparation beforehand. Each interview may cover a number of topics such as Podcasting, Blogging, Search Engines, Operating Systems and Open Source issues in the technology side. He also takes time to ask about Venture Capital, Entrepenurship and Marketing, even legal issues. For a young aspiring mind like myself, the views and news presented give me a great idea of the state of the industry, and what the big boys are up to. More than once a guest has presented and idea I would like to incorporate in to my Web business, or that I think is just darn cool.

The point is, if you are interested in the slightly more business-y side of the Web, where the future of content delivery is headed, or tips about how to make a million ducks, check out and the InfoTalk Podcasts.


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