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Bye! Weekend

Mon, 06/17/2002 - 05:00 -- rprice

So I went home for Father's Day, and my actions of the night before caused me to have a headache. Much to my dismay, my headache was worsened when I went outside to help my dad build his barn. That was the day my dad decided he would put the gutter on.

I'm sure I don't have to mention that this was a heavy tin gutter, and with every swing of the hammer, my headache got worse and worse and worse...

On a lighter note, my older brother gave me a CD with a whole bunch of cool programs burned on it. To prevent being arrested, I'm going to omit the names of them, but they certainly are some of the best, sound, picture, and 3d image programs out there, the same things the pros use. Yay for some guy my brother knows!

Another big hurdle I jumped today was when I cooked my first big piece of meat. I bought a big piece of pork and put it in the oven before I went to class. When I came home, I waited a few minutes and pulled it out. Hark! I can have meat, just like that! I'm proud, even though you don't have to be.

Hey, it looks like my parents might let me go to SigGraph, so if any of you are interested, we need to start planning. Check out the Siggraph Convention 2002 Page.

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