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Fri, 06/14/2002 - 05:00 -- rprice

I started reading my CSS/DHTML book today, and I realised some things I could do more efficiently, instead of updating each page at a time, and having to hunt for the tag I wanted just to test a color or font I might not like. I still need to come up with content for all my page ideas. I'm also considering moving to pegasus, because there's no advertisements, and free is free, no matter where you get it. If I do change servers, there will be an update.

I doubt I'll get much work done this weekend, becuause a friend of mine is coming to visit from West Palm. I'm sure I'll be going to see my dad on Father's Day, too.

Although I don't have cool posting service, feel free to respond to these postings via email ( or AIM (kerm52), and I just might post your response and make it look all pretty.

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