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First Post

Wed, 06/12/2002 - 05:00 -- rprice

Well, this is my very first post ever, so I'll try not to put too much. I haven't been doing a whole lot lately, because I was very much used to hanging out with my girlfriend all the time. Thank god for Florida Day, or I may have had a real shitty weekend. I'm going home to visit my dad Sunday, he gets a t-shirt with 'world's best dad' or something to that effect on it.

I'm pretty scared about the coming school year, because I'm going to have to take art classes if I ever want to get into computer animation, which means taking night classes (barf) or changing my schedule around alot. I'm also not sure how long I will hang on to my current job, just because I got less than 10 hours this week, and I forsee something similar happening in the near future. But at least I have stuff I can putz around with in my spare time, like this webpage.

I've made the decision that my summer cannot and will not be a complete waste, so I'm maybe going to Baltimore with my older brother for Games Day, and possibly to Murfeesboro for DCI or (big MAYBE) to San Antonio for the SigGraphics Convention, highly reccomended, and chock full of digital media and computer-related stuff, which are my major and minor, so there's no way that can hurt. And if they have DCI San Antonio that same weekend, there's no reason for me not to go. Anyone wanna jump on the Land Yacht?

Although I don't have cool posting service, feel free to respond to these postings via email or AIM (kerm52), and I just might post your response and make it look all pretty.

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